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35 years of Dedication to Orthodontic Practice Management

Ortho2 was founded in 1982. The first system used an Apple III for its then-revolutionary hard drive. In 1985, a PC based system called OneTouch was introduced.

ViewPoint for Windows was launched in 1998 and over time added imaging, telephony, biometrics, and other advanced technologies.

2010 was a milestone year for product introductions, and it began with the introduction of Edge Cloud, our cloud-based practice management system. An all-new Edge Imaging module provided advanced imaging features for all Ortho2 clients, as well as being fully functional as a standalone product. Edge Animations did the same for customizable patient education and compliance filmstrips. Edge Reminders revolutionized keeping in touch with patients through phone, email, and text messages.

Today's evolving technologies allow us to develop the most advanced software. We look forward to continuing our strong, independent, and innovative tradition.

We thank our Ortho2 family for their trust and their business.


Ortho2 Company Owners:

In Memory of Historical Owners:

Bob Scholz

Robert P. Scholz