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Ortho2 Webinars

Ortho2 webinars are the perfect solution for training new users and refreshing experienced users without the cost of having someone come out to your office personally, and you can now view these on demand. Instead of a specific date and time, each webinar will be available to view on your own time. Each month will present on a topic specific to Edge or ViewPoint, and the webinar will be available for the entire month. You may also call with questions during normal business hours.

After the month is over, you can find the webinars in the Visual Help portion of our website.

  • Edge Cloud – Subgroups

    View Webinar - 24:28

    Subgroups allow you to pull a group of patients, responsible parties, professionals, referrers, appointments, etc., based off criteria you select. This webinar will demonstrate how to use the Subgroup Editor to create, edit, organize, and define subgroup criteria.

  • ViewPoint – Scheduling Basics

    Available June 1st

    An overview of the flexible, full-featured capabilities in your ViewPoint Grid Scheduler. We'll demonstrate navigation tools and various ways you can view your schedule. Learn the different methods for making patient appointments, using drag and drop to move scheduled appointments, and processing appointments.