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Ortho2 Webinars

Ortho2 webinars are the perfect solution for training new users and refreshing experienced users without the cost of having someone come out to your office personally, and you can now view these on demand. Instead of a specific date and time, each webinar will be available to view on your own time. Each month will present on a topic specific to Edge or ViewPoint, and the webinar will be available for the entire month. If you have questions while watching the webinar, you can type them into the question field, and a member of the Software Support Team will respond to you within 24 hours. You may also call with questions during normal business hours.

After the month is over, you can find the webinars in the Visual Help portion of our website.

  • ViewPoint: Stacks

    View Webinar - 12:19

    The Stacks feature allows you to flag patients for further action. This system is similar to the 'stacks' of patient charts you may have in your office, with at least two major benefits: patient folders won't get lost, and a patient can be in more than one stack at any given time. If your office is paperless or going paperless, this is one feature you can use for organization. Stacks are used for keeping track of additional record work that needs to be completed for a patient at a later time. When you have finished the task, you can remove the patient from the list.

  • Edge Cloud: Schedule Set Up and Design Basics

    Available June 1st

    Achieving the perfect looking schedule takes some thought and setup. We’ll take a look at the editors that apply to designing your schedule, placing emphasis on designing scheduling templates, and template editing tools.