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What's New in Edge 6

Edge, the cloud-based practice management software, has recently seen major enhancements. Read about the new enhancements and features from Edge 6 below.

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Edge Integrations

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Edge Pop

  • • Edge Pop integrates with your office VOIP phone system and displays notifications during incoming calls. If an incoming phone number matches the number for a responsible party or patient, you can launch that record by double clicking the notification.

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Edge Portal

  • • Added the ability to register professionals and responsible parties from Edge. Select "Register for Portal" in the ribbon bar to send temporary credentials and a verification code to the email address on record.

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  • • Added the ability to change the default description for contract charges. This option is located in the System Financial Settings Editor.
  • • The responsible party name was added to the Vanco Transaction History window.

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General Enhancements

  • • Edge System News now launches when logging into Edge. The feature will be used you communicate useful information about new Edge features and other development news. You can now also snooze this alert based on content.
  • • Edge now features global security options to require complex passwords, force password changes, and expire operators due to inactivity. These rules are configured in the Password Policy editor.
  • • You can now filter the Mail Merge Queue by office, doctor, user and "ready-to-send" flag.
  • • E-pad signature device now works with 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office.
  • • A new merge variable selection screen was added to speed up the process of creating and editing mail merge documents.
  • • You can now right-click on a Stack and clear all patients.

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  • • Added a link in the Invisalign section of the Patient Info Panel to open the ClinCheck website.

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  • • Statements now display a message if an automatic payment (AutoReceipt) is scheduled when the statement is generated.
  • • Patients will have an AR attached to their name if they have an Active AutoReceipt in the Patients on the Appointment Day Sheet Report.

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  • • Ability to filter the appointments displayed in the Scheduler Bar independently from the appointments displayed on the Scheduler.
  • • Option to display remaining doctor time instead of used doctor time on the Scheduler.

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Coming Soon

  • • Financial Slider – Setting contract terms has never been easier! Allow your responsible parties to adjust the terms of the contract before signing it with our easy-to-use interactive slider.
  • • Edge Specialist – A pediatric dentistry module that can be used for both orthodontists and pediatric dentists. Some new elements have been added to Edge, even if you don’t have Edge Specialist. They include:
  • • Dental Procedures. Appointments can have multiple dental procedures.
  • • The Grid will have enhanced pop-ups.
  • • Dental procedures and conditions can be edited in the tooth chart.