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What's New in ViewPoint 11

The orthodontic software system that pioneered practice management solutions specifically for orthodontists and their staff has done it again. The new ViewPoint 11 system is being released with a myriad of enhanced features and improved functionality.

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Edge Integrations

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Edge Reminders

  • • Edge Reminders now features text messages in real-time. Each time a patient messages your office, you will receive instant notification. In addition, text messages that you use frequently can be saved and easily re-used as Quick Messages. To make the messages more personal, you can press Ctrl+Space in the Quick Message text box to bring up a list of patient variables, such as patient name and next appointment, to add to the message.

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Financial and Insurance

  • • In the Post Transaction window, you can now post a refund with the simple click of a button. The Refund button allows you to post a refund to a responsible party or apply a refund to another contract. Use the Refund option when someone has paid too much on an account.
  • • ViewPoint can now remember your electronic insurance credentials, and upload claims to the processing site automatically when you submit electronic insurance forms. And don’t worry about which patient was submitted on which claim. The electronic submission can be viewed in each patient's Correspondence History.
  • • Added security for posting refunds and transfers. Full access gives rights to view and change refunds and transfers. All other settings have no access to this feature.
  • • You can now process one-off transactions using stored credit cards with Vanco and Element integrations.

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General Enhancements

  • • Now, when you create new patient folder, you can enter additional contact details such as email addresses and additional phone numbers.
  • • You can now rename your stacks lists.
  • • Help videos are now available on some windows in ViewPoint, including the Grid Scheduler, patient ledger, and post transactions screens. Look for the video player icon to access a library of help videos.

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Mail Merge

  • • The mail merge function has greatly improved with ViewPoint 11. The mail merge function is compatible with 64 bit versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Word 2016. This ends support for versions of Microsoft Word prior to Word 2007 Service Pack 3. These legacy versions of Word can no longer be used to merge letters in ViewPoint. In addition, the merge documents are now stored in the database which allows everyone connected to that database access to the files.
  • • Imaging merge variables can now be edited by double clicking on the placeholder in the letter template.

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  • • You can right-click a patient in your On-Deck Operatory to open the patient folder, open the treatment chart, or open the patient's reward manager.

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  • • New Reports include: Balancing Worksheet Report, Balancing Worksheet Summary Report, Contract Audit Report, Start Origins Report, and VP Credit Card Transactions by Card Type Report.

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Coming Soon

  • • Edge Pop for ViewPoint – Phone pop-up notifications which will pull up the patient's folder when they call.
  • • Appointment Reminder attachment in Edge Reminders emails.
  • • Ability to have ViewPoint update automatically.
  • • VP WebAccess updates.
  • • Adding ability to track multiple referrers.