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Penny Mustard

Penny Mustard

Penny Mustard has been involved in orthodontics for over 20 years as an orthodontic assistant, office manager, treatment coordinator, and marketing specialist. She brings a wealth of experience in the field of computer imaging and technology. Penny's expertise encompasses most of the major practice management systems.

Mustard Seed Consulting Group has helped many new doctors establish their practices, working with them to create the basic systems necessary for good practice management and growth. Mustard Seed Consulting Group has established a network with other specialty consultants in an effort to better serve clients.

What We Do

  • Write procedure codes for electronic treatment card documentation
  • Create sequenced treatment plans for automated scheduling, documentation, milestones, and timelines
  • Design schedule templates for production and optimize overhead and patient flow
  • Jumpstart SureSmile practices with proven systems for incorporating the advanced technology
  • TC training, a unique approach customized to the practice's philosophy
  • Provide tools and coaching for creating individualized excel sheets with filtering options for tracking pending patients and potential revenue
  • Establish innovative marketing plans
  • Creative writing help with newsletters, websites, and patient education materials
  • PowerPoint presentations