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VP Extra

We've added extra value to ViewPoint by making it more comprehensive. Twelve significant features are now part of every ViewPoint Practice Management System at no additional cost! This extraordinary collection adds efficiency to your day-to-day operation and provides practical, cost-effective solutions to several key office needs:
Imaging, Communication, Internet, Technology

  • Capture and enhance images from your digital camera or scanner.
  • Import, view, and edit image layouts, and change image color, size, and orientation directly inside the ViewPoint Patient Folder.
  • Present single images or compare two images side-by-side on your screen, or in layout.
  • Seamlessly integrate images for case presentations, patient recognition in On-Deck Sign-In, and personalized correspondence.
Imaging is Everything
  • Send automated patient appointment reminders via email.
  • Minimize no-shows.
  • No third-party integration, no upfront software cost, and no per-reminder or ongoing fees!
  • Microsoft Windows® XP is required for VP reminder.
  • Efficient and convenient in-office communication tool.
  • Send instant messages to one or all computers in your practice.
  • Simplify scheduling and appointment requests and send messages from the operatory.
  • Quick access to staff schedules and status.
  • Easy clock-in and clock-out function for all staff.
  • Message feature to keep team members informed of status.
  • Provides accurate data for payroll.
  • Stay on track and organized with individual staff to-do lists.
  • Assign, prioritize, and track office tasks.
  • Set up personal employee productivity tool for each staff member.
  • Easy access by all staff.
  • Automatically store documents such as statements, insurance forms, and merged letters.
  • Merge names, addresses, treatment findings, and images automatically, and then add or edit letters before printing.
  • Send personalized letters now or queue them for later.
  • Go paperless by storing exact images of any ViewPoint document.
  • Remote access to ViewPoint and all your files from home, vacation, or anywhere in the world using any Internet-enabled computer.
  • Password-protected to ensure the safety of your files.

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  • Account access for patients, parents, and consulting professionals to appropriate information and images over the Internet.
  • Optionally accept online credit card payments that are automatically posted for you.
  • Reduce office calls and increase efficiency.
  • Monthly fee applies.
  • • Automated system data backup to local or off-site.
  • • Set up information can be found at ftphosting.Ortho2.com.
  • Convenient front-desk credit card authorization.
  • Keep patient accounts current and eliminate duplication of effort.
  • Fast transactions are authorized and posted simultaneously in as little as 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Accepts all major credit cards and integrates with X-charge.
  • Find out more or get a free rate analysis by contacting David Pike, Channel Partner Manager at (800) 637-8268 ext. 484, email him at david.pike@acceleratedpay.com, or fax a recent merchant statement to (484) 910-4268.
  • Eliminate paper and store signatures electronically.
  • Digitally sign patient release forms, credit card receipts, and other signed documents.
  • Works with any Word document without scanning the document.
  • Fast fingerprint sign-in for your patients.
  • Makes patient sign-in fun with On-Deck.
  • Eliminates the hassle of staff password requirements.
  • Secure staff login to Timeclock.