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ViewPoint Features

ViewPoint delivers a streamlined system to keep your practice running smoothly, which is far more efficient than those purchased from several different providers.

Get the ultimate in practice software, with a full array of advanced features, including patient information, financials, insurance, treatment findings, tooth chart, status tracking, referrals, recalls, progress and dental visit reminders, a complete array of management reports, and many other practice management features in a graphical, logical interface.


Make scheduling an asset instead of a bottleneck. You can drag and drop to relocate appointments and quickly position procedures by time or chair to optimize doctor time. View specific days and times, and easily fill upcoming openings first. An added bonus is noting sibling appointments when you schedule. Use the unique Grid Bar to keep important notes, patients who need appointments, and patients who are willing to fill cancellations at your fingertips. Personalize your schedule by defining columns, colors, and size. With daily, weekly, monthly, and detailed schedule displays, the Grid Scheduler is the gold standard of scheduling programs.


Grid Scheduler

  • Calculate points and track rewards you offer.
  • Motivate patient attendance, treatment cooperation, oral hygiene, and more.
  • Patients trade earned points for prizes from your office.
  • Patients use customized cards to track their points.
Patient Rewards
Patient Rewards

Patient Rewards

  • Easily maintain accurate, well-organized insurance records.
  • ViewPoint provides both paper-based and electronic tools to help you track, bill, and maintain your insurance records.

Electronic Insurance

  • Built into ViewPoint, improve patient compliance through these vivid, engaging animations already built into ViewPoint.
  • Fifteen animations available, including Brushing, Flossing, Foods to Avoid, Oral Hygiene, and Orthodontic Parts.
Edge Patient Compliance Animations
Edge Patient Compliance Animations

Patient Compliance Animations

  • Allow your patients to fill out forms electronically from your website. (VIEW A FORM)
  • The data is automatically loaded into Edge, and changed responses are flagged.
  • Forms can be of any type: health history, office questionnaire, outpatient interview, etc.
  • Reminders can prompt you to get signatures.
Edge has Online Forms
Edge has Online Forms

Online Forms