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ViewPoint Integrations

Ortho2 has developed fast and easy integrations for a variety of third-party software, including popular imaging, modeling, telephony, and financial products.

A complete list of ViewPoint compatible software is below. Instructions for setting properties for each integration are conveniently linked.

Ortho2 eliminates the need for many integrations through comprehensive product offerings. Several examples are shown below.

In order to ensure a successful integration with a third-party product, please call your Ortho2 Regional Manager at 800.678.4644 to discuss your project before making any commitments.

Imaging, Radiography, Modeling, Telephony and Portal, Financial, Case Planning/ Presentation, Analytics, Other

Imaging is Everything
Edge Imaging

edge imaging for ViewPoint

Imaging is everything.

Upgrade to Edge Imaging and experience one of the most advanced dental imaging technologies available today. With an intuitive interface, comprehensive features, and easy functionality, Edge Imaging can help you efficiently manage all your patient image files.

Imaging is Everything
Edge Animations

edge animations for ViewPoint


Revolutionize the way you communicate with your patients. Edge Animations is a collection of powerful videos used to enhance patient education and compliance. The cutting edge rendering techniques produce videos of such exceptional quality they must be seen for you to fully appreciate their educational power. With Edge Animations, you have the ability to draw, customize, and allow patients and referrers access to your videos.

Imaging is Everything
Edge Reminders

edge reminders for ViewPoint


Automate your connections with Edge Reminders. Edge Reminders is an easy-to-use, efficient system for automating your patient reminders. Reminders can be sent via multiple message options including phone, text message, and/or email for any range of upcoming appointment dates. Messages can also be sent for recall reminders, birthday greetings, and more. Patient responses are automatically synched with the Scheduler and there’s no minimum monthly charge.