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Share the Spark. Ignite Success.

With the Ortho2 referral program, share your success with others and earn a $500 Ortho2 credit! It’s a simple way to help your fellow colleagues and put a little extra back in your pocket.

Referral Rewards

So how does it all work?

Referral Rewards

Your colleague asks you about switching to a new practice management system.

Referral Rewards

You tell them all of the wonderful things about Ortho2 and tell them to call us.

Referral Rewards

To help the process, you refer your colleague to us through this form or contact your Regional Manager with the information.*

Referral Rewards

The Regional Manager will contact your colleague in a non-aggressive way to see if they are interested in Ortho2's products.

Referral Rewards

The referral buys a new Ortho2 system within six months of the referral.

Referral Rewards

You receive a big THANK YOU and a $500 Ortho2 credit.**

Referral Rewards

Everyone wins! And you can start the process over again by referring as many people as you want!

Information About Me

  1. Your phone, fax or email address:

  2. You may mention that I suggested you contact them. I understand that I will receive a $500 credit if this doctor's practice purchases an Ortho2 practice management system within 6 months*. Please confirm that you have received this referral, and let me know if the practice is eligible for a referral credit or has already been referred.

    Do you agree to the terms and conditions?

Note: Referral program is subject to change or cancellation at any time. Earned credits will be honored regardless of program changes.

* Only one credit per sale. Only the first customer who refers an individual may earn the credit. If the referral doesn't purchase a new system within six months, the referral expires and another customer may refer that individual. Not valid for referrals from or of Cost Reporting Entities (such as Federally Qualified Health Centers, Dental or Medical Schools, Community Health Centers, Rural Health Clinics, Critical Access Hospitals, Medicare Hospitals or Practices that bill Medicare or Medicaid as part of an affiliation with any one of the above types of entities). Not valid for healthcare professionals or entities in Vermont. Not valid on Premier Imaging. By participation in the program, you agree that, to your knowledge, you comply with the program requirements.

** Referral credits can be used toward any Ortho2 practice management software or service – new modules, your ESSA or SSA, data hosting fees, etc. Not valid on Premier Imaging. Earned credits never expire! The credits under this program are discounts. You must fully and accurately report any discounts, rebates, or other price reductions (“discounts”) to Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and any other federal or state program upon request by any such program. By participating in this program, you acknowledge your legal obligations to fully and accurately report any Discounts received under this program, and you agree that, to your knowledge, you comply with the program requirements. You must claim the benefit of these discounts in the fiscal year in which the discounts are earned, or the following year. Accordingly, you should retain any documentation, including your invoice, purchase order or credit statement, of discounts. It is your responsibility to review any agreements or other documents applicable to these prices to determine if they are subject to any discounts.