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K. Ryan Alexander - Practice Management Consultant

K. Ryan Alexander is a senior consultant for Alexander & Sons, a Ken Alexander Company, which has been teaching management exclusively to orthodontists for the past 30 years. Ryan has quickly risen to the top of the orthodontic consulting field as a full service consultant working in all areas of practice management. His exceptional people skills, sharp business sense, and remarkable knowledge of practice systems are proving to be invaluable to the success of his clients.

Ryan spent a full year in a successful practice in Southern California learning all the business and treatment aspects of orthodontics as he was being trained to be a Management Consultant. Since then, he has spent 5 years consulting to practices that see as many as 150 patients per day, but he has many newer grads as clients who need the nuts and bolts of management for long term success. No group has more efficiency knowledge than Alexander & Sons, the original orthodontic management group. Two years ago Ryan became a licensed broker in the state of California to better help facilitate his work with practice transitions.

Full Management Packages
Due to the comprehensiveness of Ryan’s consulting and expertise, our management packages can include everything from performing due diligence on a practice for a prospective buyer to working through implementing the most vital management systems in the practice. The implementation process will change for a startup compared to an established practice, but the focuses will be on marketing, customer service, new patient enrollment, staffing, scheduling, forms, letters, and staff management.

Doctor Time Scheduling
The foundation for any successful practice, Ryan has designed custom, tailored templates to each individual practice and trained hundreds of staff members on how to work as a team to stay on time with each appointment, which can be one of the greatest marketing tools a practice can have. We help your practice develop templates that will deliver the highest level of efficiency and customer service. Getting scheduling right can be a complicated process, and Ryan offers nine months of further consultation and assistance to each practice he visits so as to ensure scheduling success.

New Patient Enrollment
A strong, professional new patient enrollment process is key to growing your practice. Ryan trains treatment coordinators and doctors regularly on a step by step approach with sincere and proven scripting that will elevate any practice above their competitors.

Marketing and Customer Service
Exceptional customer service every minute of the day will separate your practice from the rest. Ryan spends a good portion of his consulting time training on what it takes to deliver the highest levels of customer service all day, every day, as well as many marketing strategies and ideas that will create repeat business, referrals, and practice growth.

Statistical Gathering and Tracking
Alexander & Sons has developed one of the most sophisticated yet understandable methods for gathering and tracking your most vital practice statistics in the Alexander & Sons Monitor. Monthly and yearly reports will deliver immediate practice information that tells you how your practice is doing at all times.

Forms and Letters Management
Alexander & Sons has updated, top-of-the-line branded forms and resources to help you in all areas of your practice.

Practice Transitions
As a licensed business broker in California and learning from one of the leading transitions consultants in the nation for the past five years, Ryan has the knowledge and experience to walk a buyer and seller efficiently through the buying or selling of an orthodontic practice.