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Natalie Ann Beaton

Working exclusively with Ortho2 clients, Ms. Beaton has a practice management focus that maximizes the use of the technology specific to Edge and ViewPoint software. Ms. Beaton's extensive knowledge of both the most current practice management trends and the Edge and ViewPoint systems allows her to help any office to turn ideas into day- to-day reality.

Prior to forming her own consulting business, Ms. Beaton had over eighteen years of hands-on experience in both the orthodontic and dental industry in varied roles of treatment coordinator and financial administrator. Ms. Beaton has been a frequent speaker at the Ortho2 User's Group Meetings. She has been a speaker at regional and national orthodontic programs as well. She is a consistent contributor to the Ortho2 newsletter, and has been published in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics.

Customizing Ortho2 to meet YOUR practice needs!

Practice Systems Analysis

  • Ms. Beaton will access Edge and ViewPoint remotely and assess how features available in Edge and ViewPoint are presently being used, run reports and sub groups to study practice trends in all key areas. The analysis report will include areas of concern, data that could use "cleaning up", suggestions for use of Edge and ViewPoint to oversee and maintain practice growth and suggestions for additional training that might help the office utilize Edge and ViewPoint to simplify day to day tasks.

New Patient Process

  • Teaching a balance of genuine welcome and education throughout the new patient process, Ms. Beaton also focuses on the practice of careful scripting for consistency. Her years of hands-on treatment coordinating experience gives her the knowledge that demonstrate the many ways Edge and ViewPoint can be customized to assist throughout this process. In addition she will implement a dependable will call follow-up system proven to impact conversion ratios.

Diagnostic Findings

  • Ms. Beaton provides her clients numerous examples of how diagnostic findings have been expanded and re-designed by other offices. Her knowledge of many different approaches to findings allows her to efficiently help each office customize findings to meet their individual needs.

Electronic Chart Conversion

  • Using her expertise and experience with electronic chart conversion, Ms. Beaton can offer offices examples of other thoughts and designs. This can make each conversion a little more time efficient and each chart easier to design.

Accounts Receivable

  • Using Edge and ViewPoint data to evaluate the current state of accounts receivables for both patient and insurance accounts, Ms. Beaton will decide how the current system is working. If there is a need for updating, she works with the office to establish a more effective accounts receivable system. Ms. Beaton's previous collection experience coupled with her knowledge of the Edge and ViewPoint software and her strong verbal and scripting skills have helped many offices turn serious accounts receivable situations around in a very short period of time.

Customized Letters

  • Over many years, Ms. Beaton has created many specialized merge letters. She shares a comprehensive merge letter library with clients. The letters project a balance of professionalism, friendliness and care and cover a broad range of common topics. These letters were created in Edge and ViewPoint and integrate flawlessly so that very little time is spent in creating customized letters for every office.

Digital Photography

  • Inspiring a team to strive towards uniform quality in clinical photographs, Ms. Beaton believes simply requires taking time to create an understanding of what quality is needed and why and how that quality can be achieved consistently. Her Digital Photography training includes: discussion of what diagnostic and aesthetic qualities Doctors are looking for in each photograph, different retractors and mirrors are available, hands-on training and a written office photographic protocol.

Cross Training

  • Ms. Beaton's strong belief in the benefits of cross training helps her develop a consistent office specific cross training protocol. Training includes development of the cross training protocol, hands on practice to ensure the protocol works, beginning of the cross training "wish list", and cross training schedule to ensure the program is continued.

"Change is possible in any situation, with any group of people, because all you have to change is your own perspective and approach."
Natalie Ann Beaton