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Debbie Best

Debbie Best

Debbie Best is a practice management consultant and lecturer for Consulting Network. She has over 38 years of experience in the dental and orthodontic field. Debbie also offers a comprehensive line of customizable products. The following is a short review of the different services she provides her clients. Her consulting is customized to the specific needs of the practice.

Practice Planning

Setting goals and focusing on how to get there are essential building blocks to a successful organization. An evaluation of the practice numbers and physical plant, along with understanding your unique vision will set the stage for an effective long-term plan and coaching. Practice numbers are analyzed on a monthly basis and feedback is given on regular basis.


Patient scheduling can make or break a practice and a team. Debbie specializes in determining which type of schedule suits your practice needs best and then design a schedule to reduce stress and patient wait time, improve patient relations, and increase productivity.

Front Desk

In the administrative arena, Debbie works with the administrative team on effective phone skills, interpersonal communication skills, dealing with challenges situations, organization, systems and job descriptions.

The New Patient Process

From the initial phone call through the time the patient begins treatment is covered with this training. Developing relationships, using educational tools and setting up financial arrangements are all keys to developing and maintaining a healthy practice. Effective systems and communication training can increase your conversion rate significantly.


Financial protocols, reducing delinquent accounts, systems to reduce the chance of embezzlement and increasing efficiency of insurance processing are addressed.


Debbie will assist you in developing effective internal and external marketing plans conducive with your practice style and personality.


Teamwork is essential for any high performing practice. Patients want to know that team members enjoy what they do. Staff want more than a paycheck; they want to feel good about their time spent at the office, respect and enjoy their peers and know that they making an important contribution patient’s lives.