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Rosemary Bray

Rosemary Bray

Rosemary Bray spent more than 30 years employed in the dental profession. She has experience in general dentistry, periodontics, and 18 years in orthodontics, both in clinical and administrative roles.

Her last 16 years were as Office Manager and Treatment Coordinator for a quality San Diego orthodontic practice. She left in late 1998 to begin her self-employment as a speaker and consultant in orthodontics and dentistry and in 2009 she proudly celebrated her 40th anniversary in teeth!

She has lectured nationally and internationally on behalf of the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), several orthodontic companies, numerous dental societies, ortho and dental study groups, and for her own workshops and seminars. Rosemary has also taught oral hygiene and dental care to 400 children from 37 countries at an International Primary School. She has truly "Been there and done that" in her 40 years!

In 2011, Rosemary will be the Staff Program Chair for the AAO Annual Session in Chicago.


  • In-office Personalized team seminars study groups
  • Dental and orthodontic societies
  • Local, state and national meetings and conferences
  • Appreciation seminars to thank referral sources


  • New patient exams
  • Communication -- written, verbal, telephone
  • Developing peak performing employees
  • Delivering outstanding customer service -- "Nordstromizing" your practice
  • Team building
  • Patient motivation


  • In-office analysis and game plans
  • Marketing your practice -- internally and externally
  • Staff motivation, incentives, hiring, and appreciation