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Nancy Hyman

Nancy Hyman

Nancy Hyman graduated from the University of San Diego. Nancy is an orthodontic practice consultant with over a dozen years experience. She lectures nationally for Ortho2, SureSmile, and for her own workshops and seminars. Since forming her own consulting firm, ORS, she has helped hundreds of offices with treatment presentations, dental and patient referral strategies, front office skills, and incorporating your entire team in promoting your practice. Nancy has helped many offices learn how to market their practices more efficiently and achieve established goals.

Maximizing patient referrals and increasing patient starts through

When I was given the task of reinvigorating Dr. William Hyman’s orthodontic practice, I knew exactly where to start... developing cost-effective, practical and measurable systems. My drive to increase referrals lead me to develop a top notch strategic marketing program based on easily duplicated concepts. The practice grew five fold in five years. I developed the training program for Practice Builders orthodontic division and established marketing plans for their clients from 2003-2009. I now share this same program through Ortho Referral Systems. I have helped numerous orthodontic practices in jumpstarting professional and patient referrals. I focus on developing a marketing team utilizing current staff. All aspects of my training strategies have been tested in the office of Dr. William R. Hyman and other orthodontic offices.

There are two ways to benefit from Nancy Hyman’s exclusive Ortho Referral Systems:

A CUSTOMIZED PLAN FOR PRACTICE GROWTH Personalized Coaching at your Convenience:

  • SIX coaching calls with select team members
  • Written reports to the doctor
  • Winning Marketing Strategies workbook
  • a CD- ROM of sample letters
  • Nancy will coach your team through every step

12 MONTH MARKETING PLAN On-Site Training At Your Practice

  • Nancy will develop a marketing team within your staff to implement a plan for practice growth.
  • A workbook with instructions and samples, a CD-ROM, and a complete report is included.
  • Customized follow-up

Both Packages Include:

  • Assigning A Role For Each Team Member In Creating A Successful Marketing System
  • Maximizing Patient to Patient Referrals
  • Professional Referral Strategies
  • Community Referral Strategies
  • Scripting for New Patient Phone Call
  • Tracking of New Patient Calls
  • A 30 Point Plan for Optimal New Patient Starts
  • Pending and Recall patients – Keeping Them in the Fold
  • Practice Statistics And Planning a Marketing Budget