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Time to Retire Windows XP and Word / Office 2003!

As we mentioned in the October 2012 issue of this newsletter, the clock is ticking on Windows XP as a viable operating system. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for it back in 2009, and will drop extended support for it in April 2014. Microsoft also will terminate extended support for Word 2003 and other Office 2003 components next April. You must replace your Windows XP computers and upgrade your versions of Word / Office before this date. This is more than a request. As soon as Windows terminates support, any computer running Windows XP or Word/Office 2003, and thus any network that includes such a computer, will be vulnerable to the next virus that someone releases. Furthermore, maintaining Windows XP and Office 2003 forces us to deprive all Ortho2 clients the benefits of new development techniques that they are too old to use. Therefore, when Microsoft terminates support for these programs in April 2014, for your protection and benefit we will no longer provide backward compatibility for Windows XP and Office 2003 in future updates released for both ViewPoint and Edge. Please plan accordingly!

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